Mableton GA College Storage
April 1, 2019

College Storage Tips For Summer

Where are you planning on storing all your items after you move out of the dorm? Home Star Storage has a convenient and safe storage space to answer these questions. Our short term storage options make it easy to find a place to keep your school items safe for a few months. Just graduated and looking for a place to settle down? Store your gear with us while you sort through the apartment applications and job searches. Our Mableton GA college storage solutions answer the call for short term storage!

Along with helping you find storage for summer, we also want to help you pack your storage unit like a professional. Use these self storage tips here!


College Storage Tips

  1. After a few semesters on campus, your dorm room may have accumulated more than you thought. Use our storage calculator to help rent the right size storage unit.
  2. Rent online, pay your bill online, reach experts any time, Home Star Storage offers online resources to speed up the process.
  3. Sell this past semesters books to another student taking the course in the fall or sell them online. This is a great way to recoup some of your funds.
  4. Chance are you want to relax and enjoy your summer, make sure all your boxes have labels. Come fall you may not remember which box has what items.
  5. Reserve your space today! Summer is almost here and reserving your storage unit now is one less thing on the list to do. Talk with us or find your storage rental online.

Whether you are the parents of a recent graduate or a graduate ready to embark on the world, self storage could be a solution to your space saving needs. Talk with our Home Star Storage experts today!

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