Cross Country Moving Tips
May 1, 2019

10 Tips For Moving Out Of State

How do you start organizing for a move out of state? Check out these 10 tips for your next adventure out of state.


10 Tips For An Easy Move Out of State

Cross Country Moving Tips

  1. Find local moving companies to help move your gear. 
  2. Find storage near you! Moving can be a lot easier with storage space.
  3. Start searching for doctor’s offices, dentists, even mechanics. 
  4. Move boxes to the storage unit to help your current home sell faster.
  5. Keep important documents organized with a file folder, that way they do not get packed away.
  6. Use a storage calculator to choose the right size storage space.
  7. Forward your mail online or head to your local post office.
  8. Schedule time to get your registration, license plate, and any other important vehicle requirements updated.
  9. Fill in your cabinets with the basics. You may not have moved all your food, use this checklist the next time you go grocery shopping.
  10. Make reservations for moving trucks and storage space early.

Self storage can be the answer to your latest move cross country. 

Can storage help you during a big move across states? Here at Home Star Storage, we want to guide our customers to a stress-free move and one way we do that is with self storage.

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