Local Storage Mableton GA
September 9, 2019

Back To School Tips and Seasonal Storage

Are you ready for fall and getting the kids back to school? Our local storage in Mableton GA can be the solution you are looking for when preparing for an upcoming school year or getting organized. The weather may not accommodate outdoor adventures like camping or yard work, so consider storing these items with us until next year. 

Local Storage Mableton GA

How To Save Time For Back To School

  1. Make a homework center for the kids; somewhere quiet they can focus. Use a shower caddy to keep extra supplies on hand and organized. 
  2. A whiteboard with meals, to-dos, and other important notes for the family may be helpful by the door. 
  3. Start head to bed early a few days before the first day of school. 
  4. Kids can pack their lunches for the week so they can choose the food they want. 

Seasonal Storage Tips 

  1. Storing a canoe? Spread the weight evenly with ratchet straps.
  2. Wash beach supplies before storing them.
  3. Coolers and food containers should be cleaned out. 
  4. Clear plastic bins are sturdy and great for organizing your seasonal items.
  5. Label boxes to easily see what is inside. 
  6. Replace oil and fill tires on the lawnmower. 
  7. InStyle has a great article for moving your summer clothes to storage. 

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