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Temperature-controlled storage units mableton ga
September 11, 2020

Mableton GA’s Only Temperature-Controlled Storage

Did you know Home Star Storage is the only self storage facility in the area that offers temperature-controlled storage units? We pride ourselves on being the premier storage solution for Mableton GA and surrounding neighborhoods.

What Is Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Regular storage units are not kept at a consistent temperature. Temperature-controlled storage units are usually kept between 55 and 80 degrees to protect the items inside from the outdoor temperatures. Certain items can become moldy or misshapen in extreme hot or cold. A few examples of items that should be stored in temperature control are antiques, documents, and electronics. The same goes for furniture (wood, leather, etc.), instruments, and photographs. 

If you plan to store items for a while, temperature controlled is a nice option to have. The outside temperatures ranges drastically over the course of a year, but that does not mean your belongings have to be effected.

So how much does temperature control cost? Check out our pricing guide or view our available temperature-controlled storage units at our Mableton GA facility!

Home Star Storage Features in Mableton GA

  • Interior Storage Units
  • High Quality, Temperature-Controlled Storage Units 
  • 24-Hour Camera Monitoring
  • Gated Facility
  • Personalized Keypad Access
  • Moving Supplies Sold On-Site
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Easy Pay (Automatic Monthly Payment Option)
  • Professional Staff
  • Deliveries Accepted for Tenants

Contactless Storage Rentals 

Now you can rent self storage without even leaving bed. Our contactless storage rentals allow you to rent or reserve  temperature-controlled storage units from our storage facility in Mableton GA. When you rent, you complete the purchase right away and can move your items in immediately. When you reserve a storage unit for the future, there are no obligations at the time of reservation, but you must complete your payment before you can move in. 

Home Star Storage: Premium Temperature-Controlled Storage

Are you ready to find the right temperature-controlled storage unit to match your needs? Our knowledgeable experts are ready to help! If you need a sizing recommendation, call our office to speak to a team member, or visit our storage calculator. Whether you need small storage for a few seasonal items or large storage to hold your furniture as you move houses, we can get you organized. Rent or reserve your residential or commercial storage with Home Star Storage!