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Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit
September 16, 2020

Temperature-Controlled Storage in Cincinnati

Do you need to store delicate items? Home Star Storage in Cincinnati OH has premier interior and temperature-controlled storage units close by to keep your belongings protected. Our facility is brand new and equipped with state-of-the-art security features. Our cameras monitor 24/7 to assure the safety of you and your items.

Benefits of Temperature Control

Extreme temperature can have a lot of negative effects on most items. If you plan on storing your belongings in a storage unit during Cincinnati OH summer/winter months or yearlong, you should rent a temperature-controlled storage unit. Storage unit contents may be fine in the spring and fall months. But if you plan to store through different seasons, keep everything safe from sudden change. These storage units stay in a consistent temperature range and reduce the risk of mold, mildew, misshaping, and damage.

Although temperature-controlled storage units cost more than regular rentals, they save you money in the end by preventing damage and giving you peace of mind. In high heat, wooden furniture can start to warp, and metal can rust. Upholstered furniture can grow mildew or attract pests. It is best to eliminate all of these risks with temperature control. All the units at Home Star Storage in Cincinnati OH have temperature control starting at only $24 a month.

Other Features at Home Star in Cincinnati OH

  • Contact-Free Rentals and Reservations
  • Deliveries Accepted
  • Convenient location for Cincinnati OH and Covedale OH
  • Gated Facility with Personalized Keypad Access
  • Online Bill Pay

What Items Need Temperature-Controlled Storage?

AppliancesBusiness Inventory/DocumentsElectronics

Home Star Storage in Cincinnati OH

Cincinnati OH has four distinct seasons each year, which means you should have temperature control when storing in the city. Home Star Storage in Cincinnati OH has premium temperature-controlled storage units available to rent or reserve for future use! Our facility near Covedale also has knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you have or give you a storage unit sizing recommendation. You can also visit our online sizing calculator. We are in a convenient location for residents of Delhi, Western Hills, and West Price Hills. Rent now contact free!