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Cincinnati OH Storage Facility
September 30, 2020

A Cincinnati OH Storage Facility With All The Amenities

What do you need to rent self storage near you? Finding the right storage facility for your valuables does not have to be a challenge. With Home Star Storage you have all the storage amenities you want. Our brand new Cincinnati OH storage facility is located near Covedale OH. Let us help you find the storage unit that accommodates all your belongings. Learn more about why our Covedale Cincinnati OH storage units are right for you.

Quality Storage You Want to Rent

We want to provide nothing but the best for our customers. Whether a business looking to store inventory or a homeowner working towards selling their home, self storage can be the answer. Our self storage is monitored 24/7 with recording cameras throughout the facility and on site managers to ensure everything is working efficiently on location.

Our quality storage ensures your valuables have a safe secure place to stay while you focus on the business, an upcoming move, or the semester ahead. Talk with our team for a full understanding of how quality storage in Cincinnati OH can help.

Range of Self Storage Units Available

Not sure what size storage unit you need or even want can be the first task when renting self storage. Since Home Star Storage provides a wide range of storage unit sizes we also offer an easy online tool to help narrow down the process. Take the guessing out of renting with Home Star Storage’s calculator.

Online Renting: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Between family and work we know you are busy that is why our online renting process is made simple. With you in mind, we made our available storage units rentable online and 100% contactless. Through a contactless process choose your storage unit and start storing with us that same day. An expert is here if you need help paying online or have questions while renting.

Choose your storage unit, select a move in date, and start renting storage at our Cincinnati OH storage facility.