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winter vehicle storage
December 4, 2020

How to Prep Your Vehicle for Winter Storage

Depending where you live in the United States, winter weather can harsh, and it can really limit the amount of driving your vehicle can handle. If you need a place to keep your vehicle so it stays safe from street damage, self storage is an affordable option. It protects your vehicle from salt and snow, and you do not have to take up space on your property. Home Star Storage experts recommend these tips before putting your vehicle away into winter storage.

Clean Up the Interior

Food and crumbs will attract pests, so it is time to dig out that fast food French fry that fell in between your seats a couple months ago. Take out any trash and items that have no place being your car. Then give your mats and seats a good vacuuming and wipe everything else.

Wash the Exterior

Who wants to come back to a dirty car? Take your vehicle through a car wash or just give it a good scrub at home to get off dirt, bugs, and grime. End with a nice wax to prevent rent and protect your paint.

Fill the Gas Tank

Moisture can buildup in the gas tank if you are not careful, but filling your gas tank before you drop your vehicle off at the storage facility can help prevent. For additional protection, add stabilizer to the tank to prevent varnish and gum, especially if you plan to store for more than three months.

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