Holiday Decoration Storage
January 15, 2021

Holiday Decoration Storage Options

Taking down all your holiday decorations can be a big job, but Home Star Storage is here to help you through it. Self storage can give you the extra space you need to get your belongings organized. With our storage facility in Memphis, TN, we have you covered with affordable storage options near you for commercial storage, holiday decoration storage, and more! Follow our tips below to pack up, and then rent your storage online!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Get Christmas Trees a Container

To keep the tree limbs looking full, pack your artificial Christmas tree away with extra padding in its box. You can wrap the branches or just include bubble wrap in the box to take up space. This will keep it from sliding around.

Pack Ornaments Gently

Ornaments are breakable and require padding in their box, much like the Christmas tree. For more fragile ornaments, you can wrap them individually for the best result.

Keeping Wrapping Paper Together

When you pack up your wrapping paper and gift boxes, put everything together in one convenient container. If you are keeping them in your self storage unit, pack them in a moisture-proof box. If you are storing it in your home, you can store everything in a think container that can fit under your bed or in your closet.

Holiday Decoration Storage with Home Star Storage

Home Star Storage has the self storage for you near Memphis, TN. Our location is equipped with temperature-controlled storage features and up-to-date security measures. Your items will be safe with us, and you can have peace of mind knowing your holiday decoration storage will stay intact until you need it next year. Rent your Home Star Storage unit online!