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Running and managing a business is hard enough without running out of storage space. Home Star Storage can help with premium temperature-controlled commercial storage units in Memphis, TN. If your business is close by, give our office a call, and one of our experts will set you up with the right storage for your needs! Let our indoor storage units help you take a load off your business and give it room to grow.

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Does Your Business Need Commercial Storage?

Businesses in all industries need an ample amount of storage space. If you are running a business from home, inventory and documents start to take over your personal house storage space. Self storage helps to keep home and work life separate by keeping your desk clear for what is important: serving your customers. Storage units also aid in moving and starting up, when you may need only temporary storage. Our month-by-month leases offer you the flexibility to store as long as necessary. 

Types of Businesses Using Commercial Storage

Home Services

Painters, construction teams, and electricians can take advantage of self storage to better organize their jobs. Commercial storage gives you the space to order supplies ahead of time for future jobs and store them safely until they are needed. You can also keep tools and other materials out of the way and out of your truck until they are needed for the job. 

Retail Businesses

Inventory will start to take over if you are not careful. And if you are managing a business from home, that space is probably in your house, taking away from your personal storage. Organize your supplies, inventory, documents, and extra furniture safely in a storage unit, and access them when you need to fill orders. Keep your brick-and-mortar store tidy for customers by storing extra products away and out of sight. 

Real Estate

When staging a house to be sold, a lot of furniture and decorations go into consideration. But where would you store all that furniture in between stagings? Renting a storage unit close to the area in which you primarily work offers easy access to your items. Swap out items as needed, but keep them in pristine condition until then with indoor storage. 

Commercial Storage for Your Business with Home Star Storage 

Our Home Star Storage facility offers temperature control, an essential amenity when looking for commercial storage. It provides an extra layer of protection against harsh heat or cold. Memphis, TN, businesses can find security for inventory, materials, and equipment—no matter how long you are looking to store. We offer month-by-month leases to accommodate short-term storage, but you can also arrange to have Home Star Storage has your long-term secondary storage location.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Browse our available units and rent or reserve your business’ next storage solution! You can handle everything from your rental to your bill online. Check out our storage calculator for a storage unit size recommendation to get you started!

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