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Watch this quick video guide for a general idea of our storage unit sizes:

p>Fitting your belongings into the right size storage unit is not always easy, so how do you know how much storage space you need? Home Star Storage created this storage unit size guide to direct you to an appropriately sized storage unit to support your situation. Make sure your storage unit is not too small but you also do not pay for more space than you need. Call our storage office today, and check out our location in Memphis, TN!

storage unit size guide

How Much Storage Space Do You Need to Rent?

Small Storage Units

  • The storage in your house should be reserved for everyday items for easy access. Clear your basement/attic/closets by storing seasonal items in a small storage unit. At about the size of a walk-in closet, small storage units can hold a few large pieces of furniture and boxes filled with smaller belongings. This might include mattresses (5×5 can fit only up to a full), a small desk, or some shelves. Always be sure to double check the measurements of your items before trying to fit them into a storage unit. 

Medium Storage Units

  • Moving out of an apartment? Medium storage units are good sizes to hold 2-3 rooms worth of furniture. These are where you can start to store living room furniture like couches, love seats, and coffee tables. If you are looking for self storage solutions for your business, storage units are also great options for storing sales inventory and equipment. No need to rent that office space if your employees are working from home.

Large Storage Units

  • If you are moving to a new house, let us help make the transition easier. Reserve your storage unit a few weeks in advance, and start boxing up smaller items. Complete the purchase by calling or visiting the office when you are ready. When the day comes to move, you can store everything with us until you get settled in. Large storage units can fit major appliances and furniture sets. It can also store bookcases, vehicles, and small boats.

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