Home Office Essential Tips

Are you working from home and in the process of creating a home office? Home Star Storage has prepared a list of essential tips that will help you transform your workplace at home and increase your productivity. While working from home, it is important to make a distinction regarding the physical boundaries of your living and workspace. Utilize these design tips to create an innovative office at home!

Home Office Design Tips

Home Office Essential Tips

1. Organization Is Key

A messy and unfriendly environment halts creativity and reduces your productivity. The first step in organizing your home office space is to give all your items a designated spot. Where will you work from your computer? Which countertops will serve as workspaces, which will be living spaces, and which can be a hybrid space? What room in the house can hold your work equipment and easily hide it away on weekends?

2. Make Room

Allow enough space on your desk to work comfortably. It is easy to underestimate how much space you need. For example, in addition to your laptop, you want enough room for a notepad and other necessary supplies, your water and coffee cups, a lamp, and perhaps document storage. 

3. Let the Light In

Position your desk facing the window to get some natural light. It’ll help you fight fatigue and makes the room bigger. Especially during darker months, it is essential for you to get vitamin D and regular sunlight. 

4. Invest in Supplies You Actually Need

Yes, the decorating is the fun part of setting up a home office, but make sure you are also investing in necessary technology and organization systems. Hide unsightly cords to keep the feeling of clutter from overwhelming you as you are trying to get work done. Encase cords on the desk in a fabric cord cover or a wire organizer that’s attached to the desk. 

5. Look into Local Self Storage Space to Support Your Home Office

In order to make room for your new home office, you may need to store away some other supplies. Clearing out a spare room still leaves you with belongings and nowhere to put them. Renting self storage near you can support your work-from-home venture while giving you the peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure. 

Benefits of Renting Self Storage

How can self storage with your home office and other organization projects? A self storage unit is an affordable rental space that provides exactly the amount and type of storage you need.

Home Star Storage offers temperature-controlled storage units on Summer Avenue in Memphis, TN, to give you the best protection for moisture-sensitive items through any season. The indoor storage provides a secure space to store the belongings you moved from your closets, spare rooms, and other homes in the house to make room for your home office. Under the watch of our security cameras and on-site staff, your storage stays protected until your return. We offer contactless online storage rentals to give you access to your unit right away. 

Save time and rent your storage unit online today!

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