Pack Your Storage Unit with These 3 Tips

Looking for a way to organize your space? Home Star Storage has quality, affordable self storage to help you tackle any storage need, from residential to commercial projects. We have three facilities that equipped with temperature-controlled storage units, as well as experts that can match you to the right size for what you are looking to store. Check out our available storage units through our online rentals. Then see our tips on how to pack your storage unit!

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3 Tips to Efficiently Pack Your Storage Unit

1. If You Cannot See the Contents of the Box/Bin, Label It

Write down the items in each box as a full list, or generalize by categories. For example, specify that a box is carrying kitchenware, particularly pots and pans. The more details you add, the more you will be able to easily differentiate from similar boxes (like the kitchenware box holding silverware).

2. Check the Weight of Your Boxes When Packing

Heavier boxes make for a better foundation when you plan to stack other boxes on top. Make sure the boxes on top are lighter than those on the bottom and any box with weight on top is sturdy enough to hold it. If lighter boxes were placed beneath the heavier ones, they could potentially collapse under the weight, leading to damaged belongings and disorganization within the storage unit. In general, when packing your boxes, try to keep them to a manageable weight, both for moving and packing purposes.

3. Plan Out Your Storage Unit Ahead of Time

Try to have a game plan of where you want your items in your storage units. This involves considering the size and dimensions of the unit, as well as the items being stored. Prioritize accessibility by keeping frequently used items near the front of the unit and placing larger, bulkier items toward the back. Create a clear walkway in the center for easy navigation and access to all stored belongings. Additionally, consider using shelving or stackable storage containers to maximize vertical space and maintain organization. By planning the layout in advance, tenants can ensure a more efficient and hassle-free storage experience, making it easier to locate and retrieve items when needed.

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