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Will you be moving soon? Like many others, you may be using the coronavirus pandemic to re-evaluate your living situation. Many more people moved in the first half of 2020 than in 2019, but why exactly did they choose then to move? Home Star Storage breaks down their reasoning for moving away from bigger cities. When you start packing up your items to move, call on Home Star Storage to store your belongings. Our storage units are affordable and secure, and when you refer a friend, you both receive $50 off your next rental!

Why Did People Move (Temporarily & Permanently) During the Pandemic?

  1. Too Expensive to Stay. The cost of living in the city started to become way more than people were willing to pay for the version of the city they had. Grocery stores were crowded and had long lines. Restaurants either closed or only had takeout. No attractions were open. Just city rent to sit in your city apartment all day. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago had the most residents move out.
  2. Too Many Other People. It can be difficult to follow the six-foot-apart rule when city stores cannot fit too many people to begin with. Some people chose to quarantine away from the hustle and bustle to avoid getting sick.
  3. Too Many Restrictions. City governments had to impose harsh restrictions to cut back on the coronavirus spread, but not everyone liked those rules. Rural communities, and their less dense populations, and much more lenient restrictions.

Home Star Storage: Refer a Friend and Save

Home Star Storage has is equipped with the best self storage and friendly staff. We offer indoor storage units that are temperature-controlled to give your items the best protection possible. Find storage solutions for your home or business at Home Star Storage in Memphis, TN!

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