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Are you overwhelmed when you think about packing up your items for storage? Home Star Storage has provided some tips to help make it easier. When you store with Home Star Storage, you not only get experts guiding you through the process, but we even have you covered if you show up to the facility and still need some packing supplies. We sell the best storage supplies on-site in Memphis, TN. Check us out after reading through these storage tips!

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Packing Tips to Keep Your Move Organized

1. Organize Your Boxes with Labels

Your future self with thank you when you are able to easily find what you are looking for. Either write down in a notebook or on the side of the box both the room in which the items belong as well as a list of the items inside the box. This will keep you organized and help you avoid wasting time looking for items later.

Another effective technique for labeling boxes is the color-coding system. Assign a specific color to each room in your new home, such as blue for the kitchen, green for the bedroom, and so on. You can use colored stickers or markers for this. After packing a box, label it with the color that corresponds to the room where its contents belong. Additionally, write a brief description of the items inside each box. This method not only makes the unpacking process easier, but it also helps movers know exactly where to place each box, saving you time and effort in rearranging after the move.

2. Store Heavy Items in Small Boxes

A big mistake people make when packing is putting a bunch of large items in their largest boxes. It starts to get heavy quickly, and you are risking the box breaking or yourself getting hurt. Pack up your heavier objects in smaller boxes to distribute some of that weight better. If you are looking for more boxes, come by our facilities. We sell storage supplies on-site, so you can always stock up when you need to. 

3. Reserve Storage Contact-Free

When you view our available storage units, you will see the option to rent or reserve. Renting completes the transaction right away, and reserving puts your name in for a storage unit at a later date. You do not need to enter credit card information when you reserve, but you do have to complete the payment before your move-in date.

Get Started with Storage Supplies and Units from Home Star Storage

Our Home Star Storage facility in Memphis, TN has state-of-the-art temperature-controlled storage units, as well as a large storage supplies selection. When you are ready, reserve your storage unit with our contactless storage rentals. Our website has all the tools you need to figure out the amount of space and the amenities your storage situation requires. We have a storage calculator that gives you an excellent estimate of the storage unit that will best handle your load. You can also call or stop by our storage office to talk with one of our experts. 

Ready to get started? Find your self storage solution with us today!

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