Explore Music & Southern Culture: Top Things to Do in Memphis, TN

Ready to explore your brand new city? Look no further than Memphis, TN! Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, there’s something in this vibrant Southern city that will appeal to everyone. From amazing live music venues and delicious food to historical landmarks that are must-sees, there are plenty of things to do in Memphis with exciting attractions and activities all around. So get ready to experience the city like never before as Home Star Storage shows you everything it has to offer. Adventure awaits!

Get to Know Memphis, TN

Population: 633,104

Memphis’ history dates back to the early 19th century. It was originally founded in 1819 and has since grown into a diverse city. Once an important trading center for cotton and agricultural goods, Memphis was an integral part of the American cotton industry until the mid twentieth century. Other major industries such as shipping, transportation, finance, healthcare and tourism followed in later years making it an economic powerhouse that currently serves as both the regional hub for the entire Mid-South region and the state of Tennessee. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a booming city, Memphis continues to lead the way in many different aspects. It is home to some of the best blues music venues in the nation, as well as for its fantastic barbeque cuisine.

The City’s Economy

As a key player in the transportation industry, Memphis has had an illustrious history as a metropolitan area. Located along the Mississippi River, this city was once one of the largest ports for Confederate forces during America’s Civil War and continues to thrive today due its strategic location near major highways and waterways. Moreover, with Memphis International Airport ranked second-best cargo airport globally, it is no wonder why numerous businesses choose the area.

Explore the Home of the Blues

Beale Street is a Memphis landmark that has long been recognized for its importance to music and culture. The street first gained fame when it was popularized by blues musicians in the 1920s and 30s, who flocked here to play in clubs like the famous Palace Theater. Later, entertainers like B.B. King and Louis Armstrong helped the street become an important destination for African Americans in their fight for civil rights. Today, Beale Street is home to numerous jazz clubs, restaurants, stores, and attractions that capture the sights and sounds of Memphis’ storied past. Visitors revel in its historic mix of blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, funk & Southern hospitality—making it one of the most iconic places to experience true Memphis culture!

While you delve into Memphis music history, check out the home of Elvis Presley. Visiting Graceland is an amazing experience for music lovers and Elvis fans alike. With its iconic gates, the mansion itself is a spectacle to behold and offers multiple tours from those dedicated to the King’s life and career, to exploration of the entire grounds. The luxurious furniture and décor in each room of his home will take your breath away, as will his collection of cars. There’s also a museum dedicated to his legacy, full of insightful accounts about music history and fan memorabilia that you can explore before dining at one of Graceland’s many restaurants. For a truly unique experience, no trip to Memphis would be complete without checking out this rock ‘n’ roll landmark!

More Must-See Memphis Attractions

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