What Self Storage Supplies Should You Have?

Getting ready for an upcoming move? Choose storage supplies that will protect your belongings headed to the new house as well as your extra items moving to the storage unit. Home Star Storage can help you make the transition to the new house or storage unit easy with our on site moving supplies inventory. Find all your basic self storage supplies at our Home Star Storage location in Memphis, TN.

5 Basic Self Storage Supplies 

  1. Shrink Wrap – Keep like items together like silverware.  
  2. Boxes – Purchase a moving kit or make your own by selecting a few of each size offered.
  3. Newsprint – Go green with newsprint paper for your plates and cups headed to the storage unit. 
  4. Labels – An organized storage unit will save you time when you need to swap your items out. 
  5. Locks – Purchase a lock in our office! This is the final step to securing your belongings in storage. 

Our Home Star Storage location has boxes, locks, and more for sale. Which makes storing with us easier for those moving in the area. Speak to our store manager and find solutions for moving today. 

Locks Tape Dispenser Storage Supplies - Tape Rolls Storage Supplies - Box

Home Star Storage in Memphis, TN has all these supplies and more to help with your next move. If you need some help determining how many boxes you will need, check out this supply calculator. Need storage? Use our storage calculator to find the perfect storage unit for all your items. 

October starts our giving season with our moving supply drive benefiting the Susan G Komen Foundation. Their breast cancer research comes closer and closer to a cure each year. Join Home Star Storage in the fight for a cure by purchasing items for your move here! We will take a portion of the sales at the end of the month and pay it forward. 

Tim Glasow

Tim Glasow

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